Seems like all my updates here are me shilling stuff I worked on that's for sale now...

Sorry about that.

Smokin Nerds t-shirt featuring a knight standing over a fallen dragon

Check it out, made a shirt for my buddy DFuson over at

We went to video game makin' school together and his followers started asking for a t-shirt.

Anyway, I kinda liked the design I did, but figured I didn't want to upload it to the portal since I'm not trying to sell it, just show it off.

Spellblast now available on Steam Early Access

2016-02-22 17:32:04 by davetroyer

Science fiction ship schematics from the game Spellblast


Heres an exclusive preview of card details for 'Spellblast'

The game I've been working on, 'Spellblast', by Tonal Recall Games and published by Forever Humble PDX, has finally come to Steam Early Access!

Me and the guys at our studio, Talos Studios were contracted to create art assets for the game with our only limitations being that of the game engine; so nearly complete creative control. Its current build is made with Game Maker Studio Pro, but apprently they're currently rebuilding it in Unity3D, so if the game sees enough support, we can continue to update and expand the game.

'Spellblast' is listed at $0.99 US during early access and projected to go up when complete, but from now until the 29th of February, its an additional 20% OFF, bringing it down to $0.79 US.